Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Age Group as of Today

Today I am crossing the line into the 50+ age group.  Time to rock & roll!  First race as a 50 year old is tonight, but it is a series race that scores you for the same age group for the entire series, so I will be scoring in the 45-49 age group.  But that is OK, because the race will also be MY PARTY!  My real debut race will be Sunday at Pine Beach 5K, which is a NJ Masters championship.  I am looking for hardware, since I will be the youngest in the age group, but it will be more difficult to do that at a championship.

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

Read your blog all the time. Congrats on the nice 5K time in the President's Cup Night Race.

Hope you have a great race this Sunday. I love your phrase "looking for hardware"!