Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Twitter-er

To me via Twitter:
I'm sensing a convergence on barefoot/minimal coverage running. 2 friends have reco'd "Born to Run" & 1 bought Nike Free's.
I responded:
The more you look, read & question, the more it makes sense. Unfortunately, Nike Free sucks as a "barefoot" shoe: 2 much heel lift

She responded:
Yeah, the jury's still out for my friend who bought them. I'm looking at Vibram Five Fingers.
I replied:
VFF's are raved by as best "Barefoot" shoe. Pricy tho - get fairly close to the BF technique in XC flats. & just run BF 5 min/day

1 comment:

Zataod said...

I agree with you about the Free's. I had a pair a few years ago, and they weren't remotely close to barefoot.