Saturday, July 28, 2012

Escarpment Trail Run Indicision

I am running The Escarpment Trail Run tomorrow for the 7th time. Read the entry form; it is quite amusing.

My indecision lies in the weather forecast, despite (or because of) my experience at this race.

It looks like there will be a wet course, which is normal for this race. There will possibly be a thunderstorm during the race, which I have also experienced and would include it as one of the most frightening weather events I have ever experienced in my life - close lightning strikes and branches falling in real wilderness at high altitude brings back one's childhood prayers.  But I am most concerned by the relatively mild temperature.  It should stay under 75 degrees for my entire run.  I had planned on going very minimal, wearing just shorts, shoes, running cap or bandanna, and use my Nathan triangle water bottle carrier.  The predicticted temperatures might make me lean towards wearing a shirt and Camelbak.  (Can't wear Camelbak without a shirt because it chafes the skin off my back.)  The advantage of the latter is that I might be able to blow through most aid stations, which could save me 10-15 minutes.

I will bring everything and make an 11th hour decision.  My alarm will be set for 4 A.M.