Friday, October 19, 2012

Do Runners Still Wear These?

On Facebook, a local running store posted this:

This is what I call the New Balance Super Sole.  I really wanted to post comments, such as, "Do people still wear shoes with 3 inches of cushioning under the heel?  How in hell could they have "a lighter feel"?

But I like the guys - they do try to help local runners and support my running club - so I didn't post there to avoid the mess.

So who wears these monstrous things?  They are purplish - perhaps Barney wears them.  We shall never know, since obviously he is usually barefoot.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Highlands Trail

I had a really great run today on The Columbia Trail and the Highlands Trail.  The run was an indicator of recovery from Mountain Madness 50K last week.  It was also the exploration of a trail that I didn't know existed until a few days ago.

The Highlands Trail is a work in progress, and it seems to have many reroutes, and temporary problems that they are working through.  If ever completed, the trail will be a great suburban resource as well as a great rural wilderness route.

The section I ran was off of the Columbia Trail.  I parked in High Bridge intent on running with my running club friends, but I had the start time wrong.  A half hour late left me alone for my run.  The Columbia Trail is a rail trail, and is relatively flat and easy.  For my tastes, it is more conducive to a fast single speed bike ride than running.  As a ploy to get some of my trail running friends to come to the run, I looked for some more challenging trails off the Columbia Trail.  I found the Highland Trail.  Since none of my trail running friends came to the run, I detoured onto the Highland Trail for solo exploration.

The Highlands Trail section I ran - from the Columbia Trail, through Voorhees State Park, and into Spruce Run Recreation Area - was an unexpected pleasure.  The terrain turned steeply up hill, and the single-track was similar to Round Valley.  There was some road running to link the wilderness sections.  When in the woods, I passed only two people just after my turning-back point.  They were hunters scouting for a good deer-stand location.  That last part was marked with warning signs only in the return direction that deer hunting was allowed there, and that non-hunters should wear blaze orange or restrict their visits to Sundays.  Even though I was wearing a day-glow yellow Boston Marathon shirt, I am glad it was Sunday.

The Highlands Trail runs from the Hudson River to the Delaware River.  I am definitely going to explore some more of this trail.  I think I can start right where I left off today, or go a little northeast to Schooley's Mountain Park and end (or turn back) where I started today.

My last 2.5 miles were my fastest today, when I was back on the Columbia Trail headed for the parking lot in High Bridge.  My quads were starting to feel tight at that point, but it was aerobically easy.  It is evident that I have a great base, tons of endurance, but I need to get my road racing pace back for my upcoming final races of the year, as well as for a good Philly Marathon.  I guess I must do my due diligence and get my ass onto a track, as well as doing more shorter uptempo road runs.

Fastest miles at the end of today.

Holy altitude corrections, BATMAN!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Mountain Madness MPF Video

That is me at 1:42-1:45, heading into Aid Station 4.  Dixon, Dave, Jay, Bill are all over the place.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Today I realized...

That running an ultra distance event is like a secret that you take into work with you on Monday morning.  Nobody else really cares.  You carry it around with you all day, going about your business.  Anybody that you mention your run to doesn't really have a clue about what it is all about.  All they know is that they "don't even like to drive that far."