Saturday, October 20, 2007

Form Video

Good video showing proper running technique (even though shoes are worn).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Can't Freakin' Believe It

I had a rather disturbing run today: It was close to pain-free. I mean, my Achilles tendons and PF problems, which have been dogging me since mid-June, didn't bother me too much. And here is what I did differently: On a hunch, I put an old pair of OTC orthotics in an old pair of cheap KangaRoos racing shoes. This is diametrically opposed to everything I have learned running barefoot for the past three years.

The OTC orthotics pre-date my journey into running barefoot. When I wore them I was a heel striker, and I used them in expensive trainers. Today my feet correctly touched the pavement as a barefoot runner should: midfoot first, followed by non-weight-bearing heel-touch. So I am thinking maybe I can use these old aftermarket insoles as a bridge to recovery.

Another possibility is coincidence. I have been noticing that if I keep my blood level of ibuprofen up, I have less pain. I happened to have followed a consistent dosage yesterday and today. Add that to the minimal mileage I have been running, and maybe it is just time to feel the pain may be near ending.

Either way, I am really really hoping this is the home stretch for the pain, just in time for the NYC Marathon 20 days from today.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicago Marathon

I am stupid. I would not have stopped. After spending all that time in training and travel, and after spending the amount of money it costs these days to do a marathon, and after having the background I do as a runner, I would have been pissed off if I was forced to stop running the race.

But perhaps I think different. The people who had to stop were the (slap me if I am being politically incorrect) slower runners. I do not disrespect them. I understand that their race is as difficult and as important to them as the faster runners. I am even joining the ranks of the slower runners at this point in my life. The slower runners are still fitter and more courageous than 99.9% of the rest of the population of this planet.

And it is hard to imagine the real scene there. There is a great slideshow at the Chicago Tribune web site (thanks to them for the screen cap) that can make some impact for those of us that were not there.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Really Have aStore has been so nice to add the aStore for affiliates. It gives us the abiliy to create and "publish" up to 100 customized online stores. I added it to a few sites - this being one of them. Are you really reading this? If so, check it out!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jumping Back In

Ran 5 miles barefoot on the road yesterday in 45 minutes flat. It felt wonderful. I really need to remember that wearing training shoes hurts everything so much more. I am really amazed at how forefoot oriented I am now. It is impossible to wear training shoes and make my stride work properly. I slowed down in the last mile or so of the run yesterday, because I was catching some extra right Achilles pain. I have learned that I have to visualize totally relaxing my calf muscles and using my upper-leg muscles to pull myself forward. When I do that I don't stress my Achilles tendons. They store energy and return it to me gently. The trade off, especially right now, is that I run slower than I would wearing XC flats.

Monday, October 01, 2007

October Do or Die

OK, I essentially took the week off from running. I ran a 37-minute 5 miles on Thursday. Yesterday I tried running another five, but I cut it short. After 7 minutes I looped back, tired of my Nike Frees. I wanted to run barefoot. Why I didn't start that way, I will never figure out. For the last quarter mile I pulled them off and finished barefoot. I had a lot of pain before I removed the shoes, then less when barefoot. I am just fighting the ingrained wisdom, still, that shoes will protect my already injured heels. The truth is, they hurt them more. Flats or nothing. When will I get that through my stinkin' head.

So I have 31 days to get the training in for the NYC Marathon. Not much time. The goal is simply to go sub-4-hours.