Saturday, April 06, 2013

Springletrack fat ass "marathon" in the Shawangunk Mountains.

Shawangunk Mountains 25.71 mi 05:59 13:57 pace.

Garmin ran out of juice, so I had to finish this course using endomondo on the cell phone. Total for the day is 25.71 miles. Total time for the day for me was is 6:42. Total running time 5:59. Total elevation gain 3785, elevation loss 3819. 

Dixon, Kolb, and Ivan ran faster. It was the first time in 40 years of running that I "ran" a course through a cave! The views were spectacular, almost all rocky technical single track, some snow and ice, and a stream crossing using a rope for balance help. My legs don't feel too bad, but my head is sunburned. Getting ready for North Face Endurance Challenge 50K on May 4! Merrell Mix Master felt great, but took a lot of wear out of the sole.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Sub 6 Minute Pace

The last time I ran a race that averaged below 6 minutes per mile pace was on June 15, 2009, at The President's Cup Night Run 5K.  I was 49 years old.

That's kind of depressing.

I have been through injuries, and I have been building up longer trail racing, finishing my first two 50K's last year.  And I love that.  But I think I need to get a race into the sub-6 minute zone again this year.

My fastest race last year averaged 6:13/mile, at the Lager Run 5K on June 24.  I had just turned 53.  This year, the Lager Run is on my birthday, so I think I need to give myself the present of running sub-6.  To get there I need to do track workouts.  I have a pretty full schedule, so I think this is all I can fit in.  I am going to keep it simple:

April 4 = 8X400@90
April 11 = 10X400@90
April 18 = 12X400@85
April 23 = 14X400@85
May 14 = 10X400@80
May 21 = 12X400@80
May 28 = 14X400@80

4/18/13 UPDATE: So far I have done NONE of these planned workouts!  But my distance is long and getting faster.  That won't get me under 6/mile for a 5K, but at least North Face won't hurt as much, and maybe I could go faster than last year.