Thursday, October 27, 2011

I DO NOT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE (at least not now)

Today is the second day this school year that I drove to work.  Well, it is raining today, so it was a good day to drive, but I also drove in because I am in need of an easier week.  Yesterday was the first day without a bike ride or run for me since Hurricane Irene, August 29th.  I took it off from work and from working out.  I had been feeling exhausted on my commutes on Monday and Tuesday this week - and I was cutting them to the shortest route as it was.  Something was up with my body, because i went to the primary physician to finally have a look at my ankle, and my vitals were high for me.  My heart rate was about 70, and my BP was something over 80.  Two weeks ago I was under 50 resting pulse at 6 PM, and my BP was something over 70.  I don't know if it was over-training, having no complete days off for almost 2 months, or if my body was on a razor's edge of getting sick with a cold or other virus.  My son has something right now, and there is a lot going around here at school.  I am hoping to get a run in despite the rain today.

I had already researched and made an appointment with a sportsmedicine guy before I went in to the primary physician yesterday.  I wanted to get a referral from the primary physician, and was hoping to get it quick and easy.  That did not happen.  He wanted to look at an MRI himself first.  Aetna, my health insurer, let me down.  They put it "under review", so the doc ordered a regular x-ray instead.  Got that, and just heard the result is NO BROKEN BONES! So I have no stress fracture after all - at least not now.  Hopefully the MRI will be approved, and I can get to the sportsmedicine guy next week.

Why I love Injinji

I have complaints about socks:
  1. They start nicely packaged and fit well.
  2. They go through some washes, then don't fit so well.
  3. They get lost in the wash, lost in the drawer, lost in the gym bag.
  4. They get worn out where you need them most.
  5. They get holes and they are done.
 Of the 4 items above, my Injinji socks have only been subject to #1.

Is it the toes that keep them fitting well? Is it the toes that keep them from wearing hard in only select spots?  Or is it simply their quality?

The answers to those rhetorical questions probably do not matter.  The overriding fact is that the Injinji sock works well for runners.  They allow your toes to splay out naturally, especially when wearing your minimal shoes, such as VFF's and Merrell Barefoot models.  I feel that the separation of the toes allows the foot to flex more naturally.  For long runs, the Injinji never folds or flattens or bunches, even when the going is wet or extra sweaty.

I have three pairs of Injinji socks.  I use the thinnest, Performance Lightweight No-Show toe socks when I want the best technical performance in Vibram FiveFingers or in Merrell Barefoot shoes.  It is better than being barefoot in these minimal runners.  I use them for races and shorter trail runs. I have a pair of Original Weight toe socks, mini-crew, that I use for longer trail runs because they keep the trail junk from going down the gaps around my ankles and Achilles tendons.  For everyday road runs, I use the midweight toe socks.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Alex Honnold

When he gets to the top, he can not wait to take his shoes off!