Monday, July 25, 2005

Barefoot Before

Here is something to consider : PF is strange because it hurts after RESTING not DURING exercise, if it is properly warmed up. The dammage to the tissues in PF is fairly minimal, but the pain caused by the inflamation can be debilitating, and the inflamation can lead to a heel spur. (I am not a doctor, but I played one on TV.)

I had PF about 8 years ago, before my barefoot running days, and the podiatrist and expensive orthotics did not fix it. I fixed it myself while maintaining a moderate training program, and am realizing in retrospect that being barefoot helped my cure. I stretched and did self-myofascial-release using my knuckles on my heel and arch before getting out of bed. I walked barefoot through my morning rituals of grooming, work preparation and breakfast, but I concentrated on making my foot maintain an arch while barefoot so I did not ruin any healing that may have occured overnight. I only ran slow distance in the afternoon in running shoes and Superfeet insoles. I applied ice by rolling a frozen orange juice can under my feet after running and and a few more times every evening.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nike Free Stupidity

Debra commented on one of my previous posts about the Nike Free web site. [see comment]
She said: "Did you notice (in the runner section of the academy) the heel strike of the runner wearing nike frees?"
So that prompted me to go back and look at the site again. I think the intro movie changed, and I don't think this little footstrike imbedded movie was there either. It shows a horribly incorrect barefoot footstrike!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Heat Wave Bare

Since last Friday, New Jersey had a week of hot, humid, 90-degree-plus days. Running shoeless on these days makes my runs more bearable, and adds to the dread of the days when I have to wear running shoes. On days with shoes this past week, my sweat made squishy wet sounds inside them before the end of the runs. Plus I have another perception problem when running barefoot out of my house and through my suburban neighborhood. This perception problem is all in my own head. It goes like this -
If I have shoes on, I have no problem leaving my house in only running shorts. If I am barefoot, I need to leave my house with a singlet on. It is as if I feel too naked wearing only one coomax/nylon garment that weighs almost nothing. Yet, once I am running on grass in the park, away from houses and people and gangs of kids on bikes, I have no problem getting my sweaty shirt off and tucking it into my waistband.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Giving and Getting Back at Greenbrook Park

Giving: Many of my barefoot runs are in Greenbrook Park. On Friday I had to groom my course a bit. There was a broken wine bottle in the grass right along the route I loop. It was probably from July 4th celebrations. I found a discarded potato chip bag and piled the pieces onto it, then got it to a trash can. I also had to remove other soft-drink cans and plastic bottles. There were some annoying sticks and branches to throw aside too. This park clean-up detracted little from my run, since I was on a recovery run from the difficult week of training and racing I had cut out for myself in the previous 6 days.

Getting back: On Saturday I ran first thing in the morning. It was about 9 AM and quite hot already. I didn't realize I left the house dehydrated, but in retrospect I remembered I had to get out of bed the night before to fill my waterbottle for my bedstand. I wanted to do a fairly long run of 10 miles or so, but was feeling I had to cut it short from dehydration. So I am running along my usual grassy loop when I spotted a full Poland Spring water bottle in the grass. I picked it up and unscrewed the cap and it had been still safety-sealed! I sucked down the sun-warmed water for the next couple of miles. Did somebody passing through the park or watching a softball game mistakenly drop that bottle, or was the park supplying it to me in thanks for cleaning it up and regularly tickling its grass with my naked feet?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Bees in The Clover

I stepped on a bee today after running about an hour at Holmdel Park. Got stung on my arch area. It didn't really hurt that much. I was close to my car and had an ice thing in my cooler, so i put that on there for about 10 minutes. Then I ran another half hour. I knew I was running over lots of clover, and saw plenty of bees, but easily avoided most - they were easy to pick out from their movement and color. I guess our vision may be naturally selected for that.