Friday, July 22, 2005

Heat Wave Bare

Since last Friday, New Jersey had a week of hot, humid, 90-degree-plus days. Running shoeless on these days makes my runs more bearable, and adds to the dread of the days when I have to wear running shoes. On days with shoes this past week, my sweat made squishy wet sounds inside them before the end of the runs. Plus I have another perception problem when running barefoot out of my house and through my suburban neighborhood. This perception problem is all in my own head. It goes like this -
If I have shoes on, I have no problem leaving my house in only running shorts. If I am barefoot, I need to leave my house with a singlet on. It is as if I feel too naked wearing only one coomax/nylon garment that weighs almost nothing. Yet, once I am running on grass in the park, away from houses and people and gangs of kids on bikes, I have no problem getting my sweaty shirt off and tucking it into my waistband.

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