Friday, March 28, 2008

Somebody asked me via email: How's Your Running Going?

So I wrote this to them:

I am trying to regain fitness that I have slowly lost since June 2007. Though I ran races after injuring both my achilles tendons after that, most notably the Escarpment Trail Run and NYC marathon, both were on minimal mileage and pool running. I ran only 1X per week between NYC and January 2008, and only about 2 or 3X per week so far this year. I skied 30 days this winter. For the last two weeks I have added cycling and will probably train like a triathlete, adding swimming once June rolls around. My plan is to keep running workout frequency low, but have each running workout fairly long & easy. I will run races as my speedwork, and get in some long trail races as soon as I can fit them into my schedule. The only races I am 100% sure I am attending are

Towpath Training Run 34 miles
President's Cup
RVRR Summer Series XC
Escarpment Trail Run 30K
River to Sea Relay