Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Run Today

Just felt good. Ran in shoes, one of my long-time 8 mile loops, Greenbrook Road to Middlesex and back.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Boston Marathon Update #1

It is almost two hours into the Versus Network coverage of Boston. The frequency of commercials has increased about fourfold. Deena Kastor is having another bad day. That's sad. With her disappointing performance at the 2006 NYC Marathon and now this Boston Marathon, it makes two in a row where there were high hopes for her and USA marathoning in general.

I am tracking several friends from my running club:
Here are the first wave guys.
Here are the people who started in wave #2.

Boston Marathon

I am watching the Boston Marathon on the Versus TV Network (AKA "VS", formerly OLN). Al Trautwig is the head talking head, unfortunately. It looks brutal out there. Even though us runners have to put up with Trautwig's condescending chatter for people who only know about the "sports" of fishing, golf and whatever major league sports the big networks cover, the pre-recorded shorts have been fairly informative and tailored to runners. They are also showing the marathon they ran in Iraq to mirror Boston, and the one in space. I just discoverd that you can track up to five individuals at the Boston Marathon web site.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Run Easy

Toe is getting along OK. Has not even affected my running. It is probably almost healed. Big rains today. Nor'easter. Soccer games canceled. Belleayre's web site is saying that they will get 30" of snow out of this. Staying open through next weekend. If so, I will be there. Boston is tomorrow and it is going to be interesting. All I wanna do is run easy!