Saturday, July 20, 2013

My New Job & Running

Same place, different position.  I will not be an English teacher during the 2013-2014 school year.  I am a teacher on special assignment.  My position is a combination, they got 2-for-1 on this one.  The postings were for a technology specialist and a media specialist.  The tech specialist was a new position, and our previous media specialist retired.  I was talking with the principal towards the end of the year about our media specialist, whom I had known for at least 15 years of my tenure at school.  I threw out there, on a lark, "can I have her job?"  He stopped for a second and said something like, "Maybe - why not. Send an email to the superintendent, and copy me on it, saying that you are interested."  Done and done in mid-June.  With the end of school crush and the beginning of camp preparation I totally forgot about it.  On the second day of camp I got a phone call from the board offices, to come down for an interview with the assistant superintendent, but I was not sure what it was for, exactly.  I got a call from the principal about it, and had a quick discussion, that it was about that email request.  I set up the appointment, went down to the offices, and he already had the new contract ready to sign.

What this means to me in relationship to running is this: I can return to superior fitness that I had when I was doing a similar position at school, before the last couple of years of full-schedule English teaching.  I can ride my bike to work or run to work, not needing to carry around a backpack full of papers to grade.  It was always the papers, and the accompanying weight of responsibility for them, that somehow mentally blocked me from using the commute to school as a workout opportunity.

Another thing it means is that I can eat my lunch during any lunch period I choose!