Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow on Saturday, 51 Miles Road Cycling on Sunday

We got a wet half inch or so on Saturday.  On Sunday, by 10:30 AM the sun was shining, though it was cold.  The roads seemed dry outside my house.  So I bundled up for a road ride on my vintage 1986 Cannondale road bike.  I purposely inflated the tires 5 PSI low for better traction and headed for the hills.

Watchung Reservation had a lot of snow in the woods and it was really pretty up there.  The road surfaces were a wet in the hills for the first hour, so I was hesitant about descending fast, thinking that I might eat pavement by hitting some black ice or snow.  There were ice chunks falling from the trees that kinda stung when then hit me.

The roads were mostly dry after that first hour, and I felt good, so I decided to go longer than I had planned.  After a pit stop at a Lukeoil station for the bathroom and eating the Cliff Bar in my pocket, I felt even better.  I saw only about 5 other guys out there for cycling workouts, even though it was a very enjoyable day.

There is still a lot of salt on my bike in the garage.  Gotta get out there and wipe her down today.  Here was my route: