Monday, July 25, 2005

Barefoot Before

Here is something to consider : PF is strange because it hurts after RESTING not DURING exercise, if it is properly warmed up. The dammage to the tissues in PF is fairly minimal, but the pain caused by the inflamation can be debilitating, and the inflamation can lead to a heel spur. (I am not a doctor, but I played one on TV.)

I had PF about 8 years ago, before my barefoot running days, and the podiatrist and expensive orthotics did not fix it. I fixed it myself while maintaining a moderate training program, and am realizing in retrospect that being barefoot helped my cure. I stretched and did self-myofascial-release using my knuckles on my heel and arch before getting out of bed. I walked barefoot through my morning rituals of grooming, work preparation and breakfast, but I concentrated on making my foot maintain an arch while barefoot so I did not ruin any healing that may have occured overnight. I only ran slow distance in the afternoon in running shoes and Superfeet insoles. I applied ice by rolling a frozen orange juice can under my feet after running and and a few more times every evening.

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Debra said...

I have a similar experience, and barefoot running was recommended because of my PF history.

Conventional medical tells PF sufferers never to go barefoot, but my experience tells me othervise, and the flipflops I'm wearing in place of shoes help a lot with regular toe flexing to keep them on.