Friday, June 10, 2005

I Am Nike Free!

OK, so the Nike Free thing is varyingly annoying and giving cause for some athletes to explore and rethink. But I think the commercial on TV is pretty cool. If you have not seen it, you can view it online, if you are on high speed with all your flash up to date.

you are gonna have to go through the whole intro before you get to the "view commercial" link.

"Entering the school of thought" and reading the "philosophy" may be interesting or at least produce a chuckle. Checkout the wallpapers in the "appendix" section. There is even a wallpaper with one of the sponsored pros, Maria Sharapova, appearing barefoot while all the male pros are wearing the Free. What kind of statement is that?...

I actually used one of the wallpapers, proclaiming "Run barefoot" - I wish I had the skill to photoshop the nike logo and the shoe out of it?

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debra said...

Did you notice (in the runner section of the academy) the heel strike of the runner wearing nike frees?