Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Dreaded Shard o' Glass

I have mentioned how the fear of stepping on glass is typically cited by non-barefooters when the topic is discussed. It finally happened during today's barefooted 5 miles. I felt something penetrate my right forefoot while on the grass, just a few feet from the point in the run where I am leaving the park and getting onto roads and sidewalk. Still striding, I picked up my foot and brushed it with my left hand, and landed my foot again. Felt like it was still there. Stopped and saw it was a sliver of glass. I pulled it out and noticed blood. But the blood was not coming from my foot, it was coming from my finger! So, the feared glass finally stepped on did no damage to my foot, only to my stupid brushing finger... how fittingly ironic.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just beginning to run barefoot. A few minutes ago I got back from a run, half a mile of which was barefoot. That half mile had quite a bit of glass shards and chips, most of which I ran around.

Resultant damage, two cuts and one sliver of glass embedded in my foot. I knew it was there and I kept running anyway. At the end of the run the shard hadn't done much damage and was easily removed. For all the glass in my way, and all of the pieces that were unavoidable, that seems pretty good.