Thursday, June 16, 2005

My feet are getting confused

Last night I ran the 1st RVRR summer series cross-country race of 2005. I warmed up with two laps (5K) barefoot, to see if I could do my first barefoot race there. I decided it was too dry, and the section that runs along the Raritan River was too full of roots and stones. That would slow me down too much. I will try it barefoot if any of the races are after a good rain this summer. So, I wore my Mizuno Wave kaze cross-country shoes with the rubber spike-like thingies. They have thin flat soles and barely any heel-height. So they were OK, but I got a little blister under my right forefoot. (Running barefoot has never given me a blister.) Then I cooled down barefoot for one lap (1.5 mi.) I had also gone there barefoot, and I stayed for the post-race pizza and beer until 9 PM barefoot. I have also been not wearing shoes on the way to and from work. I am only wearing shoes when I am "forced".

After entering last night's mileage into my excel training log, I was up to 51% barefoot for the month of June!

Tonight I put on shoes for the regular RVRR Wednesday Night Club Run. I ran 8 miles in Mizuno Mavericks. The heels of the shoes are definitely feeling like they are in the way! I hated dragging those heavy shoes along. I was tempted to remove them and run on the grass next to the bike path in Johnson Park, at least for the far end that is less developed. But I also rationalized that my feet body needed a dose of support and my feet a dose of protection for a change. I have bumped up my barefoot time a lot this last week, and I don't want to get injured. Well, don't you know that my shins hurt a little tonight, a few hours after that shod run! Probably because of the foot confusion those shoes caused. I am thinking that I might have to permanently train in racing flats!

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