Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jumping Back In

Ran 5 miles barefoot on the road yesterday in 45 minutes flat. It felt wonderful. I really need to remember that wearing training shoes hurts everything so much more. I am really amazed at how forefoot oriented I am now. It is impossible to wear training shoes and make my stride work properly. I slowed down in the last mile or so of the run yesterday, because I was catching some extra right Achilles pain. I have learned that I have to visualize totally relaxing my calf muscles and using my upper-leg muscles to pull myself forward. When I do that I don't stress my Achilles tendons. They store energy and return it to me gently. The trade off, especially right now, is that I run slower than I would wearing XC flats.

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keith said...

i like that using the upper leg muscles idea...i used to get such sore calves when i ran barefoot.