Saturday, June 02, 2012

Towpath "Train"ing Run

Thirty four miles of running is curative.  I was having some recent PF issues.  After today's run, it isn't bothering me at all.

5:25 AM we started the trek from Mulberry Street in Trenton to Johnson Park in Piscataway.  It was cool and damp through the morning, until about 11 AM.  I believe there were eight of us in the group:  Lianne was the pink-tutu-clad spiritual pace leader, and there was Paul, Lou, Bob, Bob T., Angela, and Ted.  The miles rolled by smoothly.  Angela dropped after 20; Paul and Lou slowed from the planned 9:30 pace, but finished a little later.  All of us had a wonderful time as more and more runners joined the train as we got closer and closer to the end at the park.

This is my second full length finish for this event, about 30 minutes faster than I ran in 2010. I have done it 12 other times, but for those only ran about 20 miles. This is a great event for fun and friendship, and the barbeque/party that follows the event adds an exclamation point to the already great day! Lianne, Susanna, The Train, and Gatorade got me through it. The cloud-cover and perfect temperature helped a lot, too! (Garmin died at 29 miles! ).

There are lots of photos on Facebook.  And I just set the title banner using one of the photos Bob Tona took (with some editing/effects).  Left to right, that is me, Dave - who ran 52 miles, starting at 11 PM on Friday night! - and finally Molly's foot.

Speaking of Dave, who ran 52, also starting on Friday night were Laura, Dante, Jay, Lindsay, and Dixon.  Their intention was to do the out-back for 68 miles.  But there was rain and thunder & lightning during the night, making the run quite uncomfortable.  Most cut it short between 34 and 57, but Dixon and Lindsay made the whole thing!  (Dixon has the Western States 100 to run in three weeks!)

I didn't feel as bad as I did running this in 2010, because the pace was "slow" from the beginning, and it was definitely cooler.  However, I did have a couple of "low" periods, which I got through with Gatorade and PowerBar gels. Once I got through 29 miles I knew I was home free.

Good food, friends, and a few Yunglings after the run recovered me for the day.  Enough of a recovery to allow me to work for a couple hours at camp, out in a rescue canoe on the lake.

I am now #2 on the all time distance leaderboard for this event.

Thank you to all the volunteers, and especially to the director, Ray Petit!

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