Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Barefoot Julia Mancuso

I am going to run at about 4 PM.  It is supposed to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit at that time.  I plan to wear nothing more than a pair of running shorts.  So it is time to think about SKIING!  Seriously.  Every time I look at my skis in my basement, I say aloud, "I want to go skiing!"  On my bucket list is a year when I ski at least once every month of the year.  Yes, with a southern hemisphere, that is possible.

I ski a lot.  30 days a year, give or take a few.  Even in this last snow-drought season.  Skiing is not the most barefoot-friendly activity.  However, I have worn flip-flops to the ski house and to the ski mountain.  I do barefoot in the snow occasionally, to take out the trash and other quick activities.  Barefoot has also allowed me to adjust my thinking when skiing, especially in bumps and in carving turns.  I am able to forward weight and unweight much better since barefooting.

So on to Julia Mancuso.

Julia Mancuso is one of my most favorite pro skiers.

From Julia's Facebook feed, she is working out like a maniac.  One barefoot, and one in ski boots.  Both of which are my favorite footwear!
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