Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lance Fanatic

My drive-to-work count still stands at only NINE since the school year started on September 2nd. This morning Ms. C, my clearly nonathletic colleague in the next classroom, said some people were talking about me yesterday, and compared me to Lance Armstrong. I said, "Yea, Lance and me: Comeback Kids." She said, no, it was more about my hair... that I was riding so fast it was blowing back my hairline... Well, yea, I am getting old. If I was still in the market for a wife, I guess I would have to get The Hair Club... I try to tell people that all of my aging has taken place from my neck on up... Did you ever see pics of me in my ponytail days?

And then today there is this, via twitpic.com - Lance and Levi working out on a climb at their current training camp in the Canary Islands. At least I have more hair than Levi...:

Levi and I out on the ride today in Tenerife. Started with 12... on TwitPic

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