Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Proud Dad

Son's first XC meet of the season: The race was fine, but this is more important: I am there barefoot, and intend to run cool-down with his high school team. Without prompting him to do this, I notice my son's XC flats are off and he is prepared to run the cool-down barefoot.  Now, as a good dad, I don't make a big deal out of this for fear of ruining it.  We're just chatting and being cool; and then spontaniously three other guys decide to run the cool-down barefoot!

Before we start the cool down, coach says something like, "Any of you guys cut your foot I'm gonna stick it in your eye," or something equally ridiculous.. .

We ran it barefoot, all grass. They guys liked it. All eyes and feet intact.

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rockyroad said...

Cool reaction. I just past my 50th birthday at the end of August and am father to two teenagers. I live in Manhattan near Central Park and am just starting to transition to barefoot running here in the city. I'm finding encouragement from your blog, although our kids may always find us a bit strange. Maybe it's my way of recovering the "kid" in me. Anyway, kudos to you: I don't really do formal racing, and my main sports are already barefoot: Power yoga and martial arts. Anyway, they built us of tough stuff in the good ol' USA in the 1950's; our kids wouldn't understand it anymore...