Monday, January 08, 2007

The Warm Dampness

The warm dampness I am talking about is this past Saturday, and today. The jet stream needs some discipline. It needs to get itself in line and behave the way it is supposed to. It needs to get some cold air down here into the northeast USA. An inch of rain, at least, overnight could have been a half foot of snow. Added to another few we could have gotten on Saturday. Instead, I ran wearing T-shirt and shorts again on Saturday, splashing through muddy puddles in the fields of Greenbrook Park. I didn't sweat enough because it takes two weeks to fully acclimate to warm weather physical response. Feeling the warmth of the sun in early January feels good, but it just doesn't feel right. I ran 40.5 miles in the first week of 2007; 66% barefoot. I think that is a masters-age distance record for the first week of January for me, as well as a barefoot record for January since I have learned to do this. Here is a view of my 2007 Excel running log for this past week.

My pace has been a little sluggy, because my December 2006 mileage was quite low and random, and I think I gained a couple pounds. The positive side to this wacky weather is that it is a good start for 2007 training.

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Anonymous said...

I will take this weather all winter if possible.

Snow who needs it?