Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Merrell Road Glove Update

I wrote my Merrell Road Glove review on January 8th, and I meant every word I said.  The review is mostly positive, but I have to update some information that is fairly negative.  I still love the shoe, but the durability of its upper is questionable.  This is something I could not have predicted when I wrote the review in January.

Fact is, after only 226 miles, I have a split in the upper mesh material of the Road Glove.  If I had paid retail for the shoes, that is an expensive investment at about 50 cents per mile.  I think the middle plastic-like "stabilizer strip" on the outside of the upper is the problem, because the split occurred right along there.  (I will upload a photo later.)  The Trail Glove/Sonic Glove lacing and stability system does not have those strips, and is probably superior.  The Trail Glove design spreads out the load against that part of the shoe better.

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