Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How's Your Running Going

Paul F asked me how my running was going via email - this is what I wrote:

Hopefully, I will be returning to racing soon. I have had some Achilles problems and heel pain since the President's Cup 5K last June - but continued to damage them by continuing racing through the NYC marathon last year. After the marathon, I ran only about 1 - 2 times per week through February to get the problems to heal. I skied 30 days over the winter. I have increased mileage through March - and I have been wearing training shoes - and have been massively cross training on my bike and have been stretching my calves several times per day. I need to keep my running mileage around only 30 per week. Though I am close to 100% pain free, I still have pain the day or two after running anything faster than 8 minute miles. My return race will probably be President's Cup, a year after the point I really killed my Achilles, which I will run conservatively. Since I have been on my bike so much, I might do a short duathlon for fun in a couple of weeks. I am entered in other events already: Boilermaker 15K, River to Sea Relay. I plan to run the entire Towpath "Train"ing Run (34 miles) and the Escarpment Trail Run. I have no problem going long and slow. It is the faster running that hurts me. Post age-45 has been hell. I am turning 49 in June - so I am training to be 50. My goal in my 50th year is to run a 50-mile trail race and complete an Ironman tri....

Otherwise life is busy as hell with the family, all the sports activities of my kids and I, work and all. You know how it goes. No time to get in as much cycling mileage as I would actually like to.

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