Friday, May 02, 2008

Cycling to Work

Today was the 12th day I cycled to work this year.

My route has a lot of traffic. If I was not an experienced rider, I would probably take a lot longer to ride it. But I aggressively put myself out there, point my arms around a lot, sneak through traffic, use sidewalks and parking lots, go through red lights. It is crazy, but I get to work in only 6-9 minutes longer than it takes me to drive. It is ab out 7.5 miles. Hardly worth getting sweaty. I usually take a longer route home just to get in a decent workout.

Today there was about a half-mile of road on Washington Avenue that was ground in preparation for re-paving. Riding that rough stuff was a pain, and I was going faster than the cars that were backed up throughout the section.

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rambn said...

awesome. I've been commuting on my bike recently too. Mercifully, I have no job to commute to, tho.