Monday, December 18, 2006

Global Warming and Running Barefoot

This is crazy. I am complaining about my ability to continue to run barefoot through December in New Jersey. If the Earth was right, I should not be able to run barefoot so much this late in December. Last year we had already had an 8" snow and a day off from school by now.

Friday, Saturday and today's runs were 100% barefoot. I ran six miles today on the road. The air temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit! Half of my mileage so far this month has been barefoot; though it has been relatively low, especially with six days devoted to a trip to Vail - where there is snow, thankfully. Last year, I did about 7 barefoot miles in the entire month of December. This year, I have done 22 so far; 15.5 within the last 4 days. We haven't seen a flake of natural snow yet in the Northeast. Looks like these temps are going to stick around for a while. Can't stand this global warming stuff. You can read in my other blog how I am writing about not skiing in the Catskills. But we will be there all next week. Looks like I am going to be able to wear flip-flops to the ski lodge!

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