Sunday, April 09, 2006


No, you are not seeing double. ... I love it when the banner ad served is from New Balance, a SHOE company, using a campaign that depicts a BARE foot with the New Balance logo on it. I guess they are implying that if you buy New Balance shoes, your foot will feel free and natural. While it is true that New Balance makes some very minimal racing flats and spikes, most people using them are wearing their cushion and stability shoes, which are fairly substantial. The "regular runners" flocking to New Balance usually do it to correct injuries and biomechanical woes. It is a lot less expensive to just remove whatever you are presently wearing!

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Papa Louie said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. It is great to find other barefoot runners. I am going at this little by little. Not sure if I'll be 100% but who knows. I'll have to come back and visit your blog to learn more and see your progress. Take Care!