Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wildcat Ridge Romp 50K

The Wildcat Ridge Romp 50K yesterday was tough. Perhaps the heat and humidity? Perhaps just the rocks.  Here is a great photo set by Otto Lam!
Though this course had everything from pavement and million dollar homes to garbage dumps, this is a typical rocky section of course. The course was at least 50% technical single track trails. (photo by Heather Simon)
The last lap hurt a lot on-and-off. I was constantly gauging whether I needed another electrolyte cap, gel, or just water. It was hard to start the last lap of this 3 lap course. I was thinking of DNF, but felt OK after pounding handfuls of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and half a banana. Miles 18-23 felt the worst, but were not the slowest. As usual, once past marathon distance, my legs started to hurt less, but the pace was slow.

I was glad to have many friends there. Peter was 3rd in his first 50K; Molly was 2nd woman; Heather was happy and comfortable, and Elaine got through it with varied levels of pain and success. Lauren, unfortunately pulled out after 2 laps with stomach and dehydration issues. 10 milers Angela, Sally, Gail had fun and it was cool to see them on the start line when I finished my first lap - I ran right through them!

Post-race group. L to R: Peter, Molly, Me, Gail, Heather, Angela, Sally. (Photo by Heather Simon)

This was a great training run for Mountain Madness (Sep.) and Grand Canyon R2R2R (Nov.)
Here are pics of me, "stolen from".

Here is the partial Garmin data through about mile 27.5.

The first and second laps (10.x miles each) were fairly consistent: 1:47 & 1:58. The last was bad, with a couple of 17 minute miles @ 2:18. [results with splits]

I wore a new pair of Merrell Men's Mix Master 2's, that I had to stop and re-tie/tighten after turning both ankles. That is one of the dangers of wearing new shoes in a trail race. I used Puma Men's TB Running Short Tights thinking they might help with hamstring pain. I only carried a simple Nathan Triangle bottle belt, with gels and Endurolyte salt tabs. I consumed 9 or 10 salt tablets and about 8 gels.

Here are a few more photos, by Otto Lam.  Notice how in the first tree from the first lap I am noticeably happier than the second three from lap 2....

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