Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liberty Half Marathon is TOMORROW

My ankle hurts in the vicinity of my old injury.  That isn't good.  The pain showed up at the Wednesday Night Run on September 12.  It was about 10 miles.  The first few were barefoot.  A mile of the barefoot was on pavement.  Then the last 7 were on pavement, wearing New Balance 730 shoes.  I think the fast running with shoes on pavement was the over-stressor.  Combined with the previous Saturday of running the USATF-NJ 5K Championship race, with about 4.5 miles barefoot warm-up and cool down that day, and which I followed with a 7 mile trail run over rocks and roots in Ramapo State Forest.  I had a painless trail run this past Monday at Watchung Reservation.  Took a Tuesday and Wednesday off - my lower back was hurting; I think I went a little too hard on the rocks, but was feeling great.  I ran a painful couple of miles on Thursday, felt better for 5 on Friday, but today the ankle wasn't too comfortable.  So I tried a bunch of different shoes to see what I should wear tomorrow for the Liberty Half Marathon.  Surprisingly, the shoes that felt the best are my oldest pair of Merrell Trail Gloves.  I think because the heel does not get in the way.  (Even the Merrell Road Glove heel gets in the way of a comfortable midfoot strike for me.)  I think I will use them with an extra plastic arch thing thrown in for good luck.  I should be icing the hell out of the ankle, but I have not been.  I think I will go do that ASAP.

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