Sunday, April 04, 2010

Half & Half & 1 Woo-Hoo!

Ran 5.75 with Jeff, then 4.5 barefoot. Averaged 8:30's in XC flats with Jeff, and abut 10 min/mile barefoot. There is a lot of crap, glass, stones and other scree around after the big rains of last week.  But you know what is great?  Running with my kid:  Sixteen and 50 running down the street and now I don't know who the girls out springtime-driving are woo-hoo'ing about!


Steven Lougheed aka DangerPup said...

That is cool, sounds like a nice run.
And I guess the easy way to find out is with the simple question: were they woo-hooing when Jeff was not there? We don't have to answer that here ;)

Skye said...

Nice route, you have a tag # for that car :)