Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Previous Boston Marathons

I found my results from previous Boston Marathons.  I honestly forgot the years and the times.  It seems like another lifetime...  It wasn't easy.  I had to go into a closet and go through a bunch of notebooks and logs - things that we used to keep before Excel files and online training logs.  Couldn't just type in a search term!

In 1986 at 26 years old I ran a 2:54:33.  Here is a scan of the actual finisher card (that is something we used to get mailed to us after some races before the Internet...)

In 1984 at 24 years old I hit the wall bad, walked the last 4 miles for a 3:27.  I berated myself for such a poor performance.  I had big goals and already had a 2:41 PR.  On Monday I will be running the whole thing in around that time, or slower!  But I will finish with a smile on my face and recover quickly  :)

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