Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hershey Park

Hershey Park, PA, has a posted and written policy on "Attire" .  It states, "For your safety and health, all Park visitors are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times."

The guy who checked my backpack at the gate didn't say anything about me being shoeless.  Maybe because he saw my flip-flops in my backpack.  The grounds of Hershey Park, as well as all the rides, are flawless - perfect for feet.  I enjoyed most of the day without hassle, with three exceptions. Also note, there are several rides that actually encourage you to remove your shoes if they do not cover the heel because they would fly off.  Here are the exceptions; two occured on rides that had signs online that stated the shoe/shirt policy for the ride.  On one ride, The 
Superduperlooper , the seatbelt checker said, "The next time you ride this ride you have to wear shoes."  I didn't actually record that as a demand to put on shoes.  On another ride, TheSidewinder, the checker asked if I had shoes, I said they were in my bag, and he asked me to put them on.  No prob, I did - but it is amazing how the presence of those thin rubber soles on the bottom of my feet makes a difference to riding the ride.  Finally, at the end of the evening, no trip to Hershey is complete without a visit to Chocolate World .  As I walked into the building, a security guy said that shoes had to be worn inside this building.  He was nice, retired type, reminded me of my dad.  I put them on, to the embarrassment of my kids.  Hey, it takes me about 10 seconds to get them out, drop them onto the floor and put them on.  Now, about exactly a year ago I was at Hershey Park barefoot, and was not hassled once, not even in Chocolate World.  I wonder what happened between then and now in regards to people going barefoot.

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Anonymous said...

I will be barefoot and I will be wearing a utility kilt as well at Hershey Park. Nobody is going to tell me what to wear on my vacation!