Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is Why You're Fat

I had a great wind-assisted ride on my Trek to work this morning. Three minutes faster than yesterday, 20 degrees cooler than the past two days. Ran into another teacher that is shaped like a pear with legs. I think he is my age but looks ten years older. Can't wear his belt parallel to the ground, a little out of breath as he walked down the hall, and probably has a BMI close to 30. Poor guy. Anyway, he says sarcastically to me, "Must be nice to have an easy job that gives you time to ride your bike to work..."

I ignored him.

But recently I have noticed that fitness bigotry goes a little deeper than that around my workplace. However, it is usually more good natured, stated by thinner, happier people. It's borne of a slight bit of respect, but coupled with some self-conscious, embarrassing envy. For example, when I told some people that on this NJ heat-wave weekend I ran only 27 miles on Saturday (I was aiming for 34) and cycled 40 on Sunday for recovery, at least three people in different places said exactly the same line: "What is wrong with you?"

Well, the point is, there isn't anything wrong with me. There is actually a lot right with me to be able to do those things. I tried to point that out to the people, who just shook their heads and looked at me funny. They all, in their own way, warned me about things like exertion in the heat, drinking enough fluids, bla bla. Like, yea - I am a grown man and have been managing my body under uncomfortable high heart-rate situation for about 34 years. So I think I know how to handle it, thank you.

So, people - and this even goes for my own wife and kids, and neighbors who have watched me roll and run out of my house for the past 15 years - can you please give me some props about what I am able to do? Can you please look at me and say, geeze, if he can do that much under these conditions, can't I do just a little bit? Show a little awe. Give me some respect. Don't just gawk, call me crazy, and be overly concerned about protecting your own ego.

Thank you - I will now stow my soapbox.


Anonymous said...

"Show a little awe"??
I think it's great that you're obsessed with being in shape. That pear shaped guy is at one extreme, and you're at the other. We -I think- all wish we were in shape, and respect people who take care of their body. Seriously though, cycling 40 miles for recovery does sound extreme. So ask for respect, but not for awe.... Even for someone who is pushing himself, that's pushing it.

Anonymous said...

It's in the humans' nature to attack everything which is not average.

I like walking barefoot. If I got a dollar (or euro) for everytime I heard 'put some shoes on' I was a millionaire.

Sometime you just don't tell people or don't react. Maybe holding your index finger across your lips to suggest "sjsjsjt, don't speak".

And if you get some ugly comments from a fat cow, then you 'thank u fat cow'.