Friday, January 25, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon movie

I went to see the movie Spirit of the Marathon last night. The movie was like a hybrid bike - trying to be everything, it ends up not good on the roads and not good on the trails. The movie tried too hard to include both recreational level runners with world class runners. As a result it was a little too light for long-term running addicts. I wanted more from the cameo "legend runner" speakers, more from Deena and Njenga; and less about group training runs at 12 minute pace. But there were probably people in the audience that loved the everyday athlete take. The music got annoying after a while. It went on and on and on with too much lalala campy inspirational orchestration when the movie needed some good rocking sonic kick.

The movie didn't inspire me with running-as-religion significance - but it left me wanting to run Chicago, no doubt a beautiful city, despite the craziness that killed the race in '07.

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Curly Su said...

I totally agree. Chicago was my first marathon, but I didn't finish-- totally bonked at mile 19-- 60/40 blood pressure, 50bpm heart rate, etc... I've never wanted to go back, but seeing that race made me want to try again-- to finish something I started, if nothing else.

Oh, and the movie was worth it because I had a good time getting out of rehearsal!