Sunday, September 16, 2007

Registered for Newport Liberty

I just registered for the Newport Liberty Half-Marathon, which is Sunday, a week from today. I have done this race for about the past 10 years. The course has slightly changed, and the name has slightly changed, but it is essentially the same race. It is a cornerstone race in the USATF-NJ Grand Prix. It is a state championship for every age group USATF team, as well as worth 800 points for individuals - 100 points more than every other race, save one in December when runners can choose the point value of the last long race of the year.

My PF is still painful, especially when I run faster than about 8:30 per mile. Slower running is more tolerable. And every day that I run is a little different, pain-wise. Ice seems to help a lot, and the pain seems to respond to regular strength generic ibuprofen better than it does to Advil. Tylenol 8-Hour seems to give me the runs - ironically sometimes in the middle of a run.

I tried to run 13 miles on Saturday, but wound up running only 11, and the PF hurt for the second half of the run. This means the NLHM will be my longest run since the Escarpment Trail Run, back in July. Today I ran a double, 2 in the AM and 5 in the PM. I had pain in the morning and just a little in the afternoon. Morning run on road in trainers, and afternoon mostly on the towpath in XC shoes. I ran 42 miles the week ending September 9th. This past week I ran 46. I am hoping to continue to rehab and increase miles so I can run a comfortable NYC marathon. The half-marathon on Sunday will only be a long run.

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