Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shoe Review - Reebok Circa Waffle

The Reebok Circa Waffle is a shoe designed for cross-country racing. I still wear shoes for about half my mileage, and this is my current shoe of choice. I started using it by chance when I received a free pair from Reebok as my compensation for a shoe test. Since my first pair, I have bought two more online. I use this shoe on the road and off the road. I have used it for rocky technical trail runs, cross-country training and racing.

The advantage of this shoe as a barefooter's running shoe is the sole is fairly thin, and there is no difference between the sole thickness at the forefoot and under the heel. They have no support structures and allow your feet to function in their full range of motion. They have good "road feel", yet provide enough protection over Appalachian rocky trails.

My first pair was size 9, and I ripped out the insoles because they felt a little short at the toes. Especially for my bigger right foot. I still ran in them until they were almost dead, including in the 2006 NYC marathon. Since they partially blackened my right big toe, I figured it was time to size up. I jumped to size 9 1/2 for my second pair. They still seemed a little too snug, however. My son, a 7th grader that suddenly wears the same shoes I do, ran track this spring for the first time, so I gave them to him. I now have a size 10, and they are great! I should order a few pairs and stockpile them before Reebok decides to "improve" or discontinue them!

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