Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Shin-Thing Going On

I am having a shin-thing going on and was wondering how serious it might be. It has not stopped me from running. I just noticed it last Friday during a 7 mile run, where the last 5 were barefoot on grass. Left leg only, and felt like classic shin splints. Bothered me a little for 4 on Saturday barefoot on grass, 8 on Sunday shod. Took Monday almost off, running only about a mile at my son's track meet. Then it didn't bother me for 9 on Tuesday barefoot grass/pavement/track. Then 8 yesterday shod bothered me a little. Poking around with my fingers in the area I noticed swelling up against my shin bone, on the inside, high up. Feels like soft tissue swelling, so I self-massaged and iced. I am starting to get worried that it may be something more severe than shin splints. It is the swelling that has me worried. It isn't visible swelling, but I can feel it right up against the bone. Is this normal for shin splints? Some of the information I Googled mentions swelling in relation to shin splints, but also in relation with stress fractures and bone cancer. Self-diagnosis can be creepy sometimes. It has me wondering if I should go to the doctor, or just continue to ice. Guess I will have to make that decision after ricing it for a couple of days.

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