Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Broken Toe

I broke my little right toe yesterday. I was getting out of my car and I just did something weird. I turned to help my daughter out of the back seat. It is a small Ford Focus ZX3 two door, so I was letting the back seat up. I somehow caught my little toe on the map pocket in the door and it hurt like hell. I noticed ten minutes later that it was looking purpleish and swelling a little. I put ice on it. Last night it was fine through some table-tennis playing and usual around-the-house activities. It was fine this morning too, until I had to put shoes on for work. Now it hurts and I am working in my socks. I hope I can run later. The last time I broke a little toe I had to spend a few weeks cycling instead.

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Anonymous said...

Barefooters often break little toes and it shouldn't be a big problem after a couple days. You can tape it in place if it looks to be out of alignment. Happens to me almost every year, roots and rocks mostly but sometimes the leg of a desk or chair. It's a great excuse to not wear shoes.