Monday, October 30, 2006

Was it the tree branch or the aluminum can?

Stepped on two things today that hurt while running on the grass at Greenbrook Park.

Thing one was a tree branch. There was a lot of wind yesterday. The wind brought down a lot of sticks. I was just running happily along and all of a sudden crack - I was breaking a knobby branch under my foot.

Thing two was a compactly crushed old aluminum soda can. Couldn't do much about that one.

So when I got home I felt a little damp under my right foot, and sure enough I had a flap of skin torn away under the middle of my foot. It was bleeding just a little. Took a photo for the blog. After satisfying my carb craving with some juice and some fig bars, I took a shower and cleaned it well, then put a band aid on it. And I have been wearing socks tonight around the house, just to keep it clean. Don't want to jeopardize my New York Marathon on Sunday!

Can't decide if it was the branch or the can that did it.

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