Monday, March 13, 2006

Warmth Returns and The Cop Doesn't Like It

Warm 70 degree day today. Last Thursday I did 4.5 miles barefoot. Skied the weekend - glorious warm sunny blue sky day on spring snow. Today I did 5.5 barefoot. When I picked my son up from indoor soccer practice at the high school, the cop on duty at the door stopped me, asking, "Where are your shoes?" I told them they were in my car. He asked me to go get them becuase, "You're really not supposed to be walking around the building without shoes." He thanked me when I safely wearing flip-flops.


Anonymous said...

I took off my shoes on my run this morning. Only for a little bit. The grass was very cool and when I got the the concrete it really hurt.

Do you get that?

Thinnmann said...

Yes, I did before I got more experienced at barefoot running. Now I can run on hard paved surfaces a few miles comfortably barefoot. It took me about a year to get to that point. I have been doing this since the summer of 2004.

Scooter said...

When I clicked to read the comments, there was a google ad for rhinestone flip-flops. I was wondering if they are your official safety gear?

Scooter said...

Check out the last few days on DirtRunner's blog:
(posted 3/31/06)
I think you'll enjoy!

Thinnmann said...

Thanks Scoot - I posted a comment at