Sunday, December 12, 2004

USATF-NJ 10 Miler

What a race by Mark Zamek finishing 2nd in 55:27! He is planning on running the January 3th Las Vegas Marathon. Looks like he is heading for sub-2:30!

I have some good news and some bad news...

By my calculations the 44-49 NBGP standings are now:

3rd John Kane 5068
4th Mike Ferinden 5006@800 or 4943@500 (don't know what he designated)
5th Charlie Slaughter 4934
6th me 4704

Good news for John, taking 3rd in the AG. Bad news for Mike :(
Good consolation news for Mike, who was only 1 point ahead of Slaughter and is now solidly ahead of Slaughter.
Bad news for me, who is as good as he is gonna get this year at hundreds of points behind Slaughter.... and Kane and Ferinden....

I guess John is buying the beers at the USATF banquet~!

Great race, guys!

Mark Zamek

Sergio Cano

All the photos

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