Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Theory of Relativity

Everything is relative. Life is an exercise in relativity.

"Running Barefoot?" Dave queries incredulously. "Don't you know that's bad for your feet?"

"Actually it is one of the best things you can do for them," I respond.

See, relatively, Dave is a sedentary individual. He is a network administrator and we sometimes share an office. He is a big guy and carries it well. How much does Dave weigh? I am going to guess about 290. More than twice my 135. So, yes, running barefoot might be bad for his feet. Crashing down into the earth with more force than my legs ever have to absorb. For him, injury and pain, not necessarily in that order, would probably follow. Gravity can hurt. In a way - more relativity; as in, the Theory of relativity.

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Yanni said...

Some good points, Gene.
It's ironic that the people who are most negative about running, especially barefoot running tend to be the people with the unhealthiest lifestyles!

Perception of risk is a very subjective and highly relative. I believe that sedentary lifestyles are quite high risk. A common thought is "Oh it is friday the 13th today, I'm going to stay indoors all day long, in fact, I'm going to spend all day in bed, in case something happens". Now, that in itsself is not without risk...

Barefoot runner since December 2004.